Serena Morton Gallery, Ladbroke Grove

Jan 2016:

Exhibition with the wonderful JJ Morgan, Anja Von Kalinowski and Amanda Houchen at Serena’s stylish gallery in Ladbroke Grove.

ARTISTS: Wayne Thiebaud

Ok, I’m going to start adding information about artists I like or who have inspired me. Wayne Thiebaud  ( is an American artist associated with the Pop Art movement. There’s something transcendentally beautiful about these cakes and the symmetry of them. That calamine pink is one of my favourite colours. Check out more of Thiebaud’s paintings of lipsticks, shoes and ice cream cones…

Alkyd Primer

People ask me how I make my paintings – what gives them their kind of ‘glossy’ appearance?

It all happened by accident. I was painting on rough canvas before, and found that quite tricky, I never really got on with it. Then I started painting on wood, and was using old bits of recycled wood to paint on. I found one bit that had in a previous life been a shelf, and it had gloss paint on. I loved painting on that smooth shiny surface, because it meant I could ‘wipe’ the paint off (like painting on a white board) as I went. The Etch-a-Sketch approach – great for someone who likes improvisation and painting fast! So I started priming wood with gloss paint from then on, until a tutor pointed out there was a professional artists version of gloss primer which is called ‘alkyd primer’ (or ‘thixotropic’). I’ve never looked back.

“Towards Other Worlds” Exhibition



I’m excited to announce our GROUP SHOW this year featuring four artists Anja Von Kalinowski, Amanda Houchen, XaXa Mason and JJ Morgan, here’s an early preview of some of the work in the exhibition.


In January I made a two week trip to Ethiopia to visit family who are now living there, in the capital Addis Ababa.

We didn’t make it to the Omo region but I’m inspired by photographs of the people living in that area watch this space for new work.



I’m working towards a show based around the theme of fairytales with fellow artists from City and Guilds.

Here’s an early piece I’ve made for the show in oils entitled “Mirror Mirror” dealing with themes of vanity, envy and self-scrutiny inspired by the Snow White story, in which there is an exploration of the relationship between mothers and daughters.


Xaxa’s Art in Kennington Tube

I am super excited to have one of my paintings up in Kennington tube for the show, it looks great as does the rest of my colleagues’ work. Exciting times!

kennington tube promotion for show

kennington tube promotion for show

kennington tube promotion for show

kennington tube promotion for show

City and Guilds of London Art School MA Fine Art Graduate Show 2014

MAshowCity and Guilds of London Art School
MA Fine Art Graduate Show 2014
City and Guilds of London Art School annual MA Fine Art Graduate Show takes place at its
Kennington location from
10th to 14th September
Visitors to the MA Fine Art Show will have the opportunity to view works of exceptional quality,
by this years graduating students, in the splendid setting of Georgian buildings and the Victorian
purpose built studios.

The Show will feature the work of 19 students developed out of the tradition of painting, sculpture,
drawing and printmaking, while engaging and questioning current ideas around photography,
installation practice, time based and digital media.

Amongst this years exhibitors will be work by:

Luke Walker
who explores a dystopian view of London’s on going relationship with construction and destruction, focusing on a set of architectural
portraits of the new Tate Modern extension, images that are both constructed and undone by the
material fluidity of his chosen medium of paint on canvas.

Sheila Mary Downey
(winner of the 2009 Threadneedle Prize as Sheila Wallis) has produced a series of drawings and paintings developed
from her research into the earliest daguerreotypes. The work explores time based original images,
engaging with the fugitive nature of the animate against the still, resulting in works of beauty that
engage the viewer in feelings of loss and pathos.

David Charles
has engaged in an ongoing dialogue between the nature of the human mark and the digitally manipulated mark, focusing on the role
of the artist both as initiator of original expressive gestures and the director of digital computer
software. The results are lyrical monochromatic works that reference elements of contemporary
urban culture, digital media and the position of abstract expressionism in current fine art practice.

Students on the course fully embrace the art schools ongoing history of using and respecting the
teaching of traditional fine art craft skills alongside a rigorous immersion and deeper engagement
with contemporary materials, theories and practices.
City and Guilds of London Art School’s MA Fine Art course was ranked the third best programme in
the UK in the most recent Modern Painters Survey.

Recent Graduates and Alumni from the Art School have been selected for The Bloomberg New
Contemporaries, The Catlin Prize, The Threadneedle Prize, The John Moores Painting Prize, The
Griffin Prize, Young Gods, The BP Portrait Prize, upcoming: A Woman’s Hand (Saatchi Gallery) as well
as being purchased for many important private international collections.

Also showing:

Blaze Cyan
whose drawings and prints reflect her enchanted psychological engagement with the
mythology of trees.

Lucinda Devenish
with poetic reflections on nature, walking and wild water

Amanda Houchen
makes timeless observations of nocturnal cabaret and club culture,
which dazzles in the spot light.

Manuel Larralde
makes paintings of Rococo interiors which loom
out of canvases where Rothko and Marcel Proust seem to be in dialogue.

Pandora Lavender
has carefully repeated a sequence of actions using sheet metal in works that display the intentional and
the accidental as a creative process.

XaXa Mason
makes work from popular culture and imagery
of personal snap shots held in veils and glazes of paint as fragile, momentary appearances.

JJ Morgan
presents personal reflections on the position of feminism through the use of metaphor,
autobiography and the domestic.

Eigil Nordstrøm
transforms observations of the urban concrete
environment, where sublime moments and observations of nature’s dust laden light hover in quiet
corners of the city.

Louise Pallister
animates charcoal drawings of endangered animals that engage
the viewer in looping anticipation and reflection.

Roshna Qorbanee
hand sews packets of charcoal
and salt referencing her childhood experiences of gassing and bombing in Iraq and home made gas
masks made by her mother to protect her children.

As well as the Degree Shows of those listed above, you will get the chance to see six of next years
graduating students
Jonathan Armour, Katrina Bovil, Lorraine Fossi, Jane Hayes Greenwood, Lynn
Ben Moore
in the part time year one interim show.
The student’s work will also be displayed throughout Kennington Underground Station for the
duration of the show.